Integrated Management System policy

Patinter adopts Quality, Environment and Safety as a form of management, involving the participation of all its employees in order to ensure the company's competitiveness and the fair remuneration for the services rendered, through a QES Policy primarily directed at obtaining the trust and loyalty of customers.
Meet the expectations of our customers whenever possible with the aim of assuring their trust and loyalty;

Develop partnerships with interested parties - public and private bodies, customers and suppliers;

Develop the individual skills of our employees to ensure they fulfil their responsibilities properly and pursue the company's objectives;

Promote the improvement of safety conditions, namely with regards to hazards, controlling the associated risks and preventing lesions, wounds and health damage;

Implement and respect the applicable legal and regulatory requirements;

Efficiently use natural resources and prevent all forms of pollution in order to protect the environment, avoiding the environmental impact of the activities;

Constantly improve the policies, procedures and proceedings toward the improvement of our organisation;

Compliance with these principles guarantees Patinter certification by the following standards: ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health).


Aware of the environmental damage resulting from its activity, Patinter strives to reduce its impact on the environmental pollution every day.

A recent fleet, drivers training drivers on ergonomic and defensive driving and the optimisation of the payload space by reducing the non-revenue kilometres are some of the environmental measures implemented by Patinter, which bear witness to its commitment to reducing the total balance of CO2 emissions.
Increase training related to the environment, health and safety to all employees in 10% until December 2019 (based on December 2018 values).
Increase recycling in 6% until December 2019 (based on the recycling made in 2018), improving material separation and promoting awareness among the employees.

Decrease waste of natural resources (water and electric power) in 5% until December 2019 through efficient and ecologically adequate resources.
Continue with the Fleet renewal policy by including Euro 6 vehicles.