Conciliation between work, family and personal life policy

Patinter is committed to achieving and maintaining a policy of conciliation between work, family and personal life. In a position for effective reach equality between men and women, welfare, productivity and demographic sustainability. 
In order to be a reference company in the context of this policy, Patinter undertakes to comply and fulfil the following groups of measures:
Good Labor Practices
We seek to exercise transparency based on trust. Thus, a company ensures transparency in its policies, decisions and activities to bring clarity, coherence and credibility to all reduced parties;
We provide the resources necessary to comply with the requirements of the Conciliation Standard outlined in NP 4552 and continually improve its performance;
We promote job stability by integrating our employees whenever possible with a view to their permanent hiring;
We actively promote ethical conduct in our relationships with stakeholders.
We seek to prevent psychosocial risks and stress, in particular, situations related to loneliness, tiredness and difficulties in adapting to change, and do our best to mitigate and/or eliminate these risks through ongoing support to our employees;
We promote health and well-being activities, namely through internal actions that allow employees not only physical health, but also healthy moments of conviviality and relaxation;
We ensure compliance with all applicable labour law and collective bargaining applicable to your labour law activities.
Services and Benefits
Services and Benefits

› We fully respect the needs of our employees concerning their commitments and family relationships, particularly about motherhood and paternity, in which we commit ourselves to comply with the legislation;

› We are particularly sensitive to the support needs of our employees' family members for illness or disability, supporting them to the extent possible in all situations;

We seek to establish partnerships that meet the needs and interests of employees. With these partnerships, we aim to present more advantageous conditions, namely in health, education, banking and welfare activities. These conditions apply to employees and their immediate family members.

Professional Support and Personal Development
Professional Support and Personal Development

› We seek to monitor the needs of our employees with regard to their performance and achievement of objectives, by promoting training, holding meetings and other mechanisms to support the development and welfare of the employee;

› We believe in the potential of all people and seek to create conditions for everyone to have an opportunity based on the needs that exist in the company. The company uses inclusive language, particularly when recruiting and selecting employees, ensuring greater fairness in working conditions, as well as a balanced representation between men and women in relation to their duties;

› We make all stakeholders, especially all employees, aware of the importance of reconciliation measures and the impact on their personal and organizational well-being.